Saturday 30 April 2011

William Kate Honeymoon Destination - Petra Jordan ?

After the Royal wedding which was viewed by more than2 billion people world wide through various sources be it TV,internet or Pictures, its the time everyone is curious about to know the Honeymoon plans and about the place the royal couple is planning to spend their private time, some said its would be Canada, some said Middle east, some said Jordan!!!! why Jordan well it may be because Petra the beautiful city of pink rocks which was lost in time and presently being reconstructed is suggested by their friends to William or Kate, this heritage monument gained popularity since 1980 due to wide coverage of media ,Not sure if prince and princess are planing to spend time their but today i planed to write an article Lil different from my routine , hope you guys will like knowing about 'Petra'

Hyderabad Old City MLA Akbaruddin Attacked, Hospitalized

MLA Akbaruddin owaisi  is injured by the bullet ,and is presently undergoing treatment in Owaisi hospital, it is said some people from Mohhamed Pahilwan gang attacked and shot at Akabaruddin Owaisi.Apart from opening four rounds of fire the assailants attacked MLA with swords & daggers, the group of about 15 assailants reportedly came and fled on horseback.  Media reports also state that 3 or more people are dead in the clash  when the gun man of MLA opened the fire to protect the politician from the rivals.

The old clashes between MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi and Mohammed Pahilwan  took an ugly turn today when both sides fought for nearly 20 minutes in the public place, which resembled typical film seen sources said, both the sides fired at each other in the riot regarding a land settlement. It was said Sitting MLA Akbaruddin and Mohammed Pahilwan were having clashes since many days.

Friday 29 April 2011

IPL 2011 Kiss News oops Sorry Cricket News

Who said the IPL was only about cricket?Earlier I wrote many articles on IPL 2011 but this one is different though related to gala T-20 cricket.
If the Royal Challengers Bangalore had their moment in the limelight when the RCB  owner, Siddharth Mallya, had a lip lock with Deepika Padukone, the Bollywood actress, when RCB’s won against kolkata.Now its turn of the Rajasthan Royals in the middle with the Shane Warne-Liz Hurley kiss in public.Though its very rare to see celebrities kissing [rather smooching ] in public, its IPL which is becoming hot hub for hot kisses, with cameras constantly panning between cricket and celebrities in hope of getting some more glimpse of celebrities Kissing to hold the interest of public , [statistics reveal public are loosing interest in ipl due to over does of cricket].
Earlier the hugging[Jaadu ki jhappi = magical hug ] Of Preeti Zinta ,shilpa Shetty and other celebrities made news, but after the series of kissing spree taking place in Ipl their hugging is taken back seat.As the matches race towards the end of the season , people are looking forward for "who planst kiss on whom".I doubt from now cameras will even show common public who come to see the matches.

Beautiful Kate - Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at Royal Wedding


Lara Logan Assault - Breaking her Silence - An Eye Opener

Her attack reverberated around the world and highlighted the dangers of sexual assault and harassment that women face while reporting.CBS correspondent Lara Logan was attacked by a mob near Cairo's Tahrir Square on Feb. 11, the day when President Hosni Mubarak was finally driven from power.Before reading about what had happened to her, lets know in brief about lara logan.

she was born on 29 March 1971,in Durban, South Africa. She attended high school at Durban Girls' College, and later attended the University of Natal in Durban, graduating in 1992. She is a television  journalist and war correspondent. Lara is currently the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News,She  appears in segments for CBS Evening News. Logan's husband, Joseph Burkett, is a U.S. Federal Government defense contractor from Texas, whom she met in Afghanistan. They live in Washington, D.C., with their two-year-old son and Burkett's daughter.

Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge - Pictures

A marriage is two combined souls trying to dance a duet at the same time.
 The more you invest in a marriage, the more valuable it becomes. 
 Lovers do not finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along. 
A kiss is a rosy dot over the 'i' of loving

Veteran K Balachander Sir gets Dadasaheb Phalke award

It would not be an exaggeration to say,average cinema lover of south India haven't heard the name of K.Balachander .Today is one of the most happy moments to the veteran and his admirers alike as he is conferred with prestigious Dada Sahed Phalke Award given for contribution to media and arts, this is the India's highest award in field of cinema and media.Known for his remarkable style of making films and changing the direction of South Indian cinema as director in 1970-80's, his easy style of story narration  was taken front seat and gained him fame during the time when film industry  was dominated by melodrama.He was successful in Tamil ,Telugu equally.He also directed/Produced films in Kannada & Hindi.
His distinct subjects and film making not only earned him admirers all over India but also won many accolades from critics as well .He directed many scripts which analyze unusual or complicated interpersonal relationships and social themes .

Pippa Middleton beautiful sister of Kate at Royal Wedding

Pippa Middleton is [Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge] Kate's  younger sister and stood beside her as the maid of honor at her sister's Royal wedding on 29 April 2011.Every on was took to a pleasant surprise at the royal wedding as this beautiful women stole the limelight with her presence, many admired her role as perfect maid of honor, lets know brief details of Pippa Middleton.
Philippa Charlotte nick named "Pippa" Middleton  was born on 6th September 1983 she is the only sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. A party organizer, Pippa is known because of her sister and through the reporting of society news.Pippa was initially educated at St Andrew's School, Pangbourne, then at Downe House, a girls' boarding school in Cold Ash, later at Marlborough College, a co-educational independent school in Wiltshire.
Like her sister Pippa took higher education in Scotland, attending the University of Edinburgh to study English literature. There she shared a house with Lord Edward Innes-Ker, a son of the Duke of Roxburghe, and with Earl Percy, heir of the Duke of Northumberland. Pippa worked for an event planning company called Table Talk in 2008 and currently works for her parents' company party pieces. She is expected to have a prominent role in Party Pieces in the near future.
Pippa Middleton is currently dating former English cricketer Alex Loudon.  They started to see each other just before Christmas. In 2008, Tatler magazine named Pippa "the Number 1 Society Singleton", beating the singer-songwriter James Blunt & Princess Eugenie. Since then, she has often been described as a socialite. As part of Kate's family, Pippa has received wide press coverage, focusing on her social life and her lifestyle.
Pippa is considered more bubbly and talkative when compared to Kate,many say she is lucky to be in the lime light she is in now, and standing to the expectation her presence at the wedding she has won many hearts and fans for her beautiful looks and good dressing.

Rajnikanths "Rana" Started shooting - Talaivar Fells ill - Recovered

Super star Rajinikanth's next magnum opus Rana started its shooting today in Chennai,Rajini will be seen in a triple role.The Bollywood Superstar and close friends of Rajni Amitabh Bachchan will do a special role in the second half of this movie. Soundarya Rajinikanth daughter of "Talaivar" along with Eros International are the producers of this movie.KS Ravi Kumar is directing this prestigious film. The budget estimate of this film is around Rs. 100 crores, almost equivalent to Rajnis previous film 'Robot'
Deepika Padukone is acting as a female lead in the movie and a role for which Rekha has been considered is been replaced by Tabu now.It is said Reakha had issues regarding her salary
Sonu Sood and Ileana D'Cruz are among the other prominent members of the cast.
Star Cast of the Movie Rana
The shooting started with a pooja by Rajinikanth along with the cast and crew.Rana will  be released in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu simultaneously .same as Rajinikanth's last film  Robot which was a box office super duper hit.
Director Ravikumar said, "Rana has a strong story, a very interesting ensemble cast coupled with super star Rajnikanth in a triple role and promises to have some stunning visual effects that will surely take Indian cinema to the next level.
The music for the film is being scored by Academy award winner A R Rahman, director of photography is Ratnavelu and editing would be done by Antony, they previously worked with Rajni in 'Enthiran' also.
Rajnikanth's Rana -Tamil Poster
The technical director is Soundarya Rajnikanth, of Ocher Visual effects UK, a subsidiary of Ocher Studios Pvt Limited, and Charles Darby of Eyeqube Studios, renowned visual effects luminary and an Emmy award winner, is the creative and special effects director on the film.
The film is scheduled for release in 2012.

Though The first day of shoot  turned out to be a failed day, as the superstar fell ill and was admitted to Isabella hospital in Mylapore, Chennai.
No sooner the news of Rajinikath’s ill health was out his fans gathared out side the hospital and were waiting  to know updates of the superstar’s health and finally ,Rajinikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush shared the good news to all ,that the actor is perfectly OK now.Nothing to worry at all it was just dehydration .Earlier his fans reached out to temple to offer prayers for the recovery of the superstar.

Lets hope 'Talaivar' Rajni's film will be as big hit as Robot
Good luck to all the cast and crew of "Rana".

Prince Williams’ and Kate Middleton Royal wedding

 1.       The Royal wedding is scheduled to take place in Westminster Abbey; Westminster is associated with a long history which dates back as old as 1066 and all the British monarchs have been crowned here.

2.       By the time Prince William and Kate, walk down the aisle on April 29th to get married. Kate will be 29, making her the oldest royal bride EVER. Most royal brides earlier were just teenagers. Even William's mother, Princess Diana was 20 years old when she married his father, Prince Charles.

3.       We can watch the Royal wedding on various channels as CNN, BBC, Fox and CBS etc. A worldwide audience of 2 billion is expected. The world’s entire population is around 7 billion; And 2 million are watching isn’t it interesting

4.       The star sign of Prince William and Kate Middleton is Cancer and Capricorn respectively which according to astrologers are antagonistic to each other. May God prove them all wrong!!!
5.       The ring is made of gold from the Clogau Gold Mine in the Welsh mountains. The estimated cost of this ring is around 85,000 pounds. 

6.  Kate Middleton’s car is going to pass to reach the ceremony venue. She will be driven through The Mall, Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall and Parliament square. These places are going to packed by people who want to have glimpse of Kate.

7.       Only the friends and family of Prince William and Kate Middleton are invited to a private lunch reception hosted by Her Majesty. Prince Charles has also orchestrated a private dinner that evening and dance floor is waiting for the rest late into night. 

8.       Around 1900 have been invited to attend the ceremony, 600 to the lunch Palace and 300 for the events scheduled to take place in evening. All the big British Royals and the family members of Kate Middleton have been invited. Foot ball player David Beckham has been invited along with Victoria Beckham along with Sir Elton John, David Furnish, Rowan Atkinson, Guy Ritchie and Sir Clive Woodward.

9.       Some 40 foreign royals have been invited, including the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, the sultan of Brunei, the emperor of Japan, and kings of Malaysia, Tonga, and Thailand.

10.   Homeless people got an invite as well. Prince William invited some guests who personally affected him in one way or another, including members of the homeless community and soldiers injured in Afghanistan and Iraq. what a nice gesture by prince William

11.   The rough estimate of the total cost of this wedding is 50 million pounds to 100 million pounds. The large portion of the total cost will be covered by the Royals and the Middletons. 

12.   Kate Middleton may be wearing dress by Sophie Cranston of the Libelula label or some other celebrated designers are Danielle Helayel, Phillipa Lepley etc. 

13.   Interesting news for you does you their nicknames for each other. It is “Babykins” for Kate and “Big Willie” for William. It’s time for Big Willie weds Babykins.this couple really looks cute and adorable.

14.   Very soon a TV movie based on the couple's nine-year relationship is going to be aired. Newcomer Nico Evers Swindle will play the prince, while the role of his father, Prince Charles, goes to Ben Cross, who is best known for playing Spock's father in the recent ‘star trek’ movie
Have a great life ahead both of you.. God bless you couple!!!
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Thursday 28 April 2011

Kavita Radheshyam - Gone nude to save tigers!!!

After Rakhi sawanth ,Shamita shetty, Sherlyn Chopra,Yana Gupta and many more sensual celebrities its now the turn of Kavita Radheshyam to  support peTa guess how??????? by posing nude

we know rakhi's, sherly's,yana's, shetty's but who is this kavita????? ah na .. no no shes is not any ordinary "jhatka matka" glam doll she  actually received an outstanding Acting Degree in an Acting Institute , they why go nude???? shes says its for animals!!!! fine but is this the only way to reach people for animals????
ahem ahem .. well if not, would you even care to see or know about tigers????? 
You see actually there is two birds one arrow thing here, you pose nude help peTa also become celebrity over night wah radhaaaa dear , appreciate you
Don't ever give way to pop up a question in you mind, if you really love animals is it necessary to go nude?????
well keeping aside her dare bare act, lest know in brief about kavita radheshyam
Kavita Radheshyam is shooting for Vikram Bhatt's soon to be aired TV Serial called 'Uljhan'. The serial is slated for June Airing on Star Plus . Uljhan is a story of 3 Gujarati Families and a Murder that takes place in the Family. There is just one witness to this murder called Ganga Bai ,Played by Kavita Radheshyam and later she is chased and killed by the Murderer. Kavita says she is very Excited to work with Vikram Bhatt whom she calls a 'Legend'.
Radh who people call her fondly ,received an outstanding Acting Degree in an Acting Institute situated in Mumbai. She is a Die Hard fan of South Superstar Kamal Hassan and takes him as a Big Inspiration. Kavita continued to act in Short Films made under Showman Subhash Ghai institute Whistling Woods International.
well you can see how popular will she become soon on internet searches and tabloids for her act, not sure about Tigers gaining mileage but yeah "apni radh ki tho life ban jayegi" in fact ban gayi.
Finally Radha dear wish to see you as a good actress soon. 
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Wednesday 27 April 2011

Poo"Naam"Pan"Day" - Poonam Pandey the "hot" search in internet

She is a 20-year-old girl, still going to college in Mumbai, these days she isn't having time to attend classes because of offer she is having in hand.starting her career  around 8 months back, she created ripples in the media and became most popular search , what she did was a mere announcement .That single announcement rather a statement fetched her not only couple of T.V shows but also plenty of offer's .Today she cannot go into public places citing her popularity . can just one statement create such a huge stir and popularity at the same time , one have to believe this after seeing Ponnam pandey's recent progress after her "announcing goin nude for India if the team wins Pakistan match and world cup eventually.
Though Poonam stated, this is the way to show her support to the Indian team but not a publicity stint.People are waiting her promise to be kept. Poonam earlier  contacted BCCI officials writing a letter about her intention to go bare and strip in the dressing room of cricketers of at Paris in order to avoid controversies, to show her love toward cricket[and strangely she mentioned, to show her patriotism, one wonders who come stripping relates to patriotism],but BBCI refused stating it would not encourage such things.Before world cup match  She said that she does not have qualms about undressing in the stadium, if law permits.
She was one of the top contestants of the Gladrags' model hunt contest last year and also modeled for the Kingfisher calendar.
If one thinks shes just publicity hunger glam doll with no guts here is a news for you, about her lil daring act.At a recent event, when Poonam Pandey was introduced as the contestant on the show and media bombarded her with questions regarding her no-show after India's victory, she made every one jaw dropped by unzipping her jacket instantly to reveal a black bikini top, unsurprisingly the shutterbugs  went gaga clicking her. And Miss Pandey enjoyed all the attention.
She is an aspiring actress and already has loads of offers from south Film industry and ad films, lest see what would be the fate of this glam doll, her intelligent or unintelligent statement made her a celebrity over night , she managed to hog limelight and didn’t go nude as well as if now .Her future depends on how well she en chases on her popularity.
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Duncan Fletcher is Team India's new Coach - Good Luck Coach !!!

Zimbabwean Duncan Fletcher Former captain and England cricket team coach has been appointed as the next coach of the Indian cricket team.Fletcher's name was finalized during a meeting of the Board of Control for Cricket in India's working committee. Stephen Fleming and Andy Flower were the other contenders for the job.Eric Simons will continue as the bowling coach of the Indian team.
He is largely credited with then England team rising from bottom of the Test rankings to second spot under his tenure as coach while rejuvenating the fortunes of the under performing English team. Earlier  South African Gary Kirsten, served as coach for a period of three years (2008-2011) and led Team India to victorious world cup win.Ducan has to go through lot of work load to prove his mettle as team India 's Coach , as of now Team India is charged up with world cup win and  in good form , His first assignment is likely to be the Indian cricket team's tour to the West Indies.The difficulty would raise for him as senior player will not be available for this eries, we have to wait and see how he molds the young players of the team.
Duncan Andrew Gwynne Fletcher was born on 27 September 1948 . he was inclined towards sports since child hood ,Fletcher was born in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia now Harare, Zimbabwe and was one of five brothers in a Rhodesian farming family . Fletcher's sister, Ann Grant captained the Zimbabwe woman's field hockey team which won the gold medal in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow,and his brother Allan Fletcher, played seven first-class games for Rhodesia in the late 1970s.
He grew up to become  all-rounder, an ace fielder and a Zimbabwe captain.  Fletcher was Zimbabwe's first-ever One Day International captain, leading them to their famous victory at the 1983 cricket World Cup over Australia, he also won the Man of the Match award for his individual performance.Fletcher also took Zimbabwe to victory in the 1982 ICC Trophy.
 In 2004 England won an English record 8 consecutive tests, beating New Zealand 3-0 and West Indies 4-0 at home respectively, before winning the first test in South Africa.His famous and largest achievement  came in September 2005 he became the first coach of the English team to win an Ashes series for 18 years when England secured 2-1 victory over Australia.Apart from Cricket he also a player Rugby,at certain point he was planning to be a Rugby Consultant.Lets hope Team India will Flourish under the able guidance of 'Fletch' and be in the Number one slot soon and for long time.
Lets wish Good Luck to Team India's new Coach Mr. "Duncan Fletcher"

Sathya Sai Baba Maha Samadhi - Last Rituals Performed

Sathya Sai Baba’s mortal remains will be kept inside a Maha Samadhi Forever from where Sai Baba used to address and Bless  his disciples here in Sai Kulwanth Hall of Prashanti Nilayam at Puttaparthi.
Though many debated the body should be kept in 'Padmasana' Position which is the preferred position of saints and gurus, the body was kept in a sleeping position in the samadhi amid chanting of vedic mantras.The private funeral ceremony attended by trust members, close family members and other VVIPs.Priests of all the religions performed prayers here in Kulwant hall as baba was lover of all the religions,Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish priests read out their respective scriptures before the rituals began around 9 a.m. A group of disciples of Tibetan Buddhist leader Dalai Lama also attended the last rites. Baba  was buried with full state honors ,The buglers sounded the Last Post and policemen fired three shots in a gun salute outside the hall. A general salute was also offered by the men in uniform. when placing the national flag on the coffin of baba, people clapped and chanted the name of baba  .The body was   lowered in the pit , filled with `Kuruskshetra' matti (soil), salt, silver, gold and Navaratnas other holy material,Later covered by ash.
 The Maha Samadhi ceremony was commenced at 9 am and was completed by 10 am.Later Curtains were raised for the viewers for the glimpes of Baba's maha Samadhi,from now Baba would bless his disciples from here . Organisers  bought holy water from the sacred rivers of Narmada, Sindhu, Cauvery, Godavari, Ganga and Jamuna the process  included all elements of nature in the form of Saptha Nadi (seven rivers), navaratna (nine gems), navadaana (giving of nine gifts) and sugandha dravya (perfumeries).The rituals were carried out by 18 priests  headed by Kandukoori Kondavadhani from Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh. They were joined by priests from Kashi and nine other peethas across the country.Sathya Sai Baba’s nephew RJ Ratnakar  performed the last rites on Sai’s body amidst chanting of Sai name by thousands of devotees.
Central trust member's are planning to install a huge gold statue of Sai Baba at the Samadhi.It is said Sai’s radiant face, in the form of an idol, will continue to grace visitors and devotees from where he blessed lakhs of devotees and spread love and peace for decades.Earlier due heavy rush of Visitors the timings of  darshan of the mortal remains of Sai Baba was extended till Tuesday midnight.

Lets end this article with a quote by Sathya sai baba himself
LOVE lives by giving and forgiving.  Self lives by getting and forgetting  - Baba

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Tearful Sachin pays homage to Satya Sai Baba his spiritual guru

 After the match with Deccan chargers ,Sachin flew in  a chartered flight along with wife Anjali for a last glimpse of the satya sai baba and payed his respectful homage to baba,
 He sat for half an hour close to the glass coffin in which the body is kept at Kulwant hall here ,Sachin  broke down and wept like a child on Monday,though his friend  Chamundi and wife Anjali consoled him he was unstoppable . 
 Sachin cancelled his 38th birthday celebrations on Sunday and confined himself to the hotel room all morning.A `Do Not Disturb` sign was hung on his hotel room door since the news of Baba`s demise came and he did not even meet his teammates before the match.
Sachin frequently visited Prashanti Nilayam in the Baba's lifetime to seek blessings of the spiritual guru. It is learnt that Sachin used to seek Sai Baba's blessings whenever his batting form dipped. Sources revale "Sai Baba had a special liking for Sachin and always told him that he would be the world's greatest cricketer",Satya Sai Baba was Sachins spiritual guru for more than 14 yeas now.

Monday 25 April 2011

Malayalam actor Prithviraj Marries Supriya Menon

Prithviraj Sukumaran  born 16 October 1982 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala,  is an Indian film actor and producer.He made his debut in 2002 in the Malayalam film Nandanam, and has since acted in more than fifty films, notably including Swapnakoodu (2003), Classmates (2006), Thirakkatha (2008) and Urumi (2011). Prithviraj's notable Tamil films are Kana Kandaen (2005)and Mozhi (2007) Raavan (2010) urumi (2011).
Prithviraj tied the knot with his childhood journalist friend Supriya Menon at a private function on  Monday 25th April 2011 .Source revealed Just around 50 people took part in the marriage ceremony. It seemed to be  a purely personal affair because in there family ,there are very aged people and they wanted it to be a solemn function, and hence they decided to make it a very private affair, Prithivraj's mother, actress Mallika Sukumaran, shared  this good news with media persons outside a resort, near the bride's residence here.

Denying it was a secret affair, she said: "They have been childhood friends and we have known each other for a very long time and there was nothing secretive in this."Prithviraj's late father, Sukumaran was also an actor and created a special place for himself in the film industry through his dialogue delivery and subtle acting.Mallika also told media persons that there would be two receptions - one on Saturday for family, and another the next day for the film fraternity at Le Meridian, Kochi. Incidentally, Prithviraj had denied rumours and speculations of his impending marriage when he was in Thiruvananthapuram April 1 for a press meet after the release of his hit  film "Urumi".
Supriya, who is from Palakkad, is a journalist and worked as a BBC TV correspondent in Mumbai. She would come here once in a while to do special stories. Prithviraj hails from the capital city.
He also acted in few notable Telugu Films like Police police, ATM etc,.
 May God bless you couple.. live Happily for ever!!! 

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