Wednesday, 13 April 2011

No Work No Pay : G.O 177 Imposed on Govt Employees of A.P

‘No work No Pay’:A.P government Imposes G.O 177 on Govt Employees

 Andhrapradesh state government released G.O 177 yesterday, which clearly  disqualified all Telangana employees who participate in non cop-operation, from getting paid.Government’s policy of “No work, No Pay” has become hot topic in secretariat  yesterday.G.O 177 clearly states that any state government employee who participates in any activity like pen down, chalk down, bandh, strike etc will not be paid for  those days. Salaries for next month will only be decided on number of working days in this month. Employees cannot protest against government during working hours by any means, including discussing about protests, singing revolutionary songs, playing music, signing in register but not working etc. By implementing this G.O 177, government has blocked all roads for employees  to protest in democratic way.Telangana employee unions are now demanding for withdrawal of this G.O and on the other hand few employees feel that salaries are more important because their families are depend on them.In fact, many state government employees run on credit and if they don’t get  paid on time, their financial condition will break down.

Govt released daft on G.O 177 [part of Copy]

Accordingly, the Government, after careful examination of the matter, hereby order  the authorities concerned to take following actions in respect of the unconventional and different types of agitation programmes like “Strikes”, “Bandhs”, “Pen Down, Chalk Down and Tool Down”, “Non-Cooperation” etc., if any take place in future, without waiting for further orders from the Government:-
i) furnish day-to-day reports on agitation programme to the Government by fax (FaxNo.040-23454810) or e-mail to of the Secretary to Government (Services), General Administration Department;
ii) monitor the employees, who sign in the attendance register and do not attend the normal work during the agitation period and maintain record of such employees;
iii) give protection to the employees, who are attending to the duties, without  participating in the agitation programme;
iv) take necessary action to initiate criminal action on the employees / groups, who disturb the employees on duty during the agitation programmes;
v) initiate suitable disciplinary action against the employees, who participate in activities like playing games, beating drums and other disturbing activities in the premises of the offices during the agitation period, which effect the decency and decorum of the Government;
vi) adopt the “No work – No pay” policy strictly and treat the period of agitation programme in respect of the employees, who participate in the agitations, as “Not Duty” and no pay and allowances shall be admissible for that period;
vii) initiate suitable disciplinary action against the employees, who participate in the agitation programme, as per the procedure laid down in Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (CCA) Rules, 1991, for violation of Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964;
According to sources, the government has been forced to threaten the employees with the 'no work, no pay policy' as the revenue generation is getting greatly affected. Sales tax, stamps and registration, transport and excise are the departments most hit. Almost all the employees are coming to the offices, signing the attendance register and leaving. And at many offices, T employees are said to be preventing their colleagues from working.
The decision attracted widespread criticism from employee organizations and political parties, especially in the Telangana region. They demanded immediate withdrawal of ‘GO 177’

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