Friday, 29 April 2011

IPL 2011 Kiss News oops Sorry Cricket News

Who said the IPL was only about cricket?Earlier I wrote many articles on IPL 2011 but this one is different though related to gala T-20 cricket.
If the Royal Challengers Bangalore had their moment in the limelight when the RCB  owner, Siddharth Mallya, had a lip lock with Deepika Padukone, the Bollywood actress, when RCB’s won against kolkata.Now its turn of the Rajasthan Royals in the middle with the Shane Warne-Liz Hurley kiss in public.Though its very rare to see celebrities kissing [rather smooching ] in public, its IPL which is becoming hot hub for hot kisses, with cameras constantly panning between cricket and celebrities in hope of getting some more glimpse of celebrities Kissing to hold the interest of public , [statistics reveal public are loosing interest in ipl due to over does of cricket].
Earlier the hugging[Jaadu ki jhappi = magical hug ] Of Preeti Zinta ,shilpa Shetty and other celebrities made news, but after the series of kissing spree taking place in Ipl their hugging is taken back seat.As the matches race towards the end of the season , people are looking forward for "who planst kiss on whom".I doubt from now cameras will even show common public who come to see the matches.

What happened after Rajasthan Royal's win
The 45-year-old  Liz Hurley is in India supporting Shane, 41, as he captains the Rajasthan Royals . Hurley rushed to embrace Warne after the IPL Twenty20 match victory over Kochi Tuskers Keralaat the Swai Man Singh Stadium in Jaipur yesterday.LIZ Hurley couldn't wait to congratulate Shane Warne after he captained the Rajasthan Royals to victory.LIZ Hurley couldn't wait to congratulate Shane Warne after he captained the Rajasthan Royals to victory.Elizabeth was far more interested in cheering her boyfriend Shane Warne on at his cricket game, and the couple engaged in some post-match kissing after shane's team won this even made the Royal couple blush.
On top of their passionate display of affection after Shane's match  the couple are back to their incessant tweeting.[Wonder why do they need Twitter when they are constantly in touch] Warne may no longer be pulling on the whites for Australia, but it seems his legendary spin skills are not going to waste.Speculation over the Warne and Hurley's relationship has raged since the pair were spied kissing last year at an English race meeting.The pair have been regularly tweeting each other ever since,many news agencies tabloids are writing a lot about their tweets these day .
Warne's affection for Hurley was proven strong with the presentation of a blue fronted Amazonian parrot named Ping Pong last Christmas.The bird now has its own twitter account  just like it's owners.
[Wish i was that bird... some time typing hurts !!! ]

No wonder if these celebrities get court notices, from human rights activist ,religious organizations or even political parties  for doing so in public, now media firms may also run articles, shows on the IPL kissing ...over cricket, lets wait and see .
Kissing after Cricket in public will stop or just started???


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